Boyac December ‘23

Boyac December ‘23


A fresh modern take on elaborate beauty.

The Italian fabric and wallpaper powerhouse, Colony, produces elaborately beautiful collections that speak creatively to a rich tapestry of cultures, eras and interior styles. It’s easy to fall in love with the precious and imaginative qualities of these tactile and colourful interior furnishings.

Colony, an Italian company hailing from the grand old city of Rome, is perhaps best known in Australia for its elaborately beautiful wallpapers and fabrics.The family-owned company, which has been around since 1976, is led by general manager and creative director Gabriele Roscioli. Roscioli was recently in Australia, visiting major design centres with the brand’s Australian supply partner, Boyac. It was an auspicious visit as it also marked the 35th anniversary of Boyac (a huge achievement for the business and celebrated with a series of intimate dinner events around Australia).

With an emphasis on refinement and elegance, Colony’s fabrics and more recently its wallpapers (which it began producing in 2014) are like artworks for the home, their intricate and vibrantly coloured patterns inspired by French, Venetian and Piedmontese interior styles. Colony’s newest Wallpaper Collection Vol. III carries references to Italian palazzos, Art Deco and oriental styles.While many of its products continue to be produced in Italy, Colony’s collections have global appeal, with the company exporting much of its fabrics and wallpapers to international markets.

Roscioli attributes it to the fine quality of the product, the traditional styles which at once feel modern and fresh, and the distinctive use of colour in the designs. “We are not shy minimalists,” he says. “At the same time, we’re not ‘bling’. We are sophisticated, but … kind of understated.”

Colony’s new Wallpaper Collection Vol. III features 10 vibrant designs including the classically inspired Ecussons which features a neat, symmetrical floral pattern reminiscent of late 18th-century French textiles.Melograno, meanwhileis inspired by the decorative styles of Mughal India, already reinterpreted by European weavers in the 18th century. (Pomegranate, representing prosperity and wellness was a common motif in ancient Rome and then in the Byzantine Empire, as well as central Asian culture.) In absolute contrast again, is Xi’an inspired by the atmosphere of China and its millennia-old culture.

“We are very proud to be able to add a new series of designs to our wallpaper catalogue,” says Roscioli. “The way we approach the subject of wall coverings stems from great attention to texture and materials, as all our papers are derived from our pre-existing fabrics and velvets. So it is essential for us to reproduce the same movement and aesthetics that we find in the textiles patterns.”The Wallpaper Collection in particular employs printing techniques both traditional and modern, printing on different surfaces that range from paper/non-woven to vinyl and grasscloth. The result is a range of tactile effects which are inherent to the original patterns, but also very applicable in present day terms.

“We try to make things that are … timeless,” says Roscioli. “It’s our colour [selections] and everything in terms of pattern that are exclusive to our designs, and that we create from scratch.”

If these designs haven’t already left an impression, then it’s worth jumping on Colony’s Instagram to check out their high-profile projects such as the White House Oval Office, Sofia Coppola’s famous film Marie Antoniette, and the Netflix series Inventing Anna.

Colony is available exclusively in Australia through Boyac. Boyac is home to many of the world’s most sought-after fabric houses. Its stable of brands span textiles, wallpaper and lighting for residential and contract markets, as well as select accessories for interior decoration. Its strong commitment to craftsmanship, quality and diversity sees it partner with the likes of Colony, based on like-minded values, ensuring its collections meet the demands of a broad interior design, architecture and decoration industry.

Article written by Alice Blackwood for Indesign, published November 22, 2023. 


Metaphores Linen Collection

Introducing a new linen capsule collection from Metaphores. Capsule Lin comprises of 4 sheers made of linen and available in 4-6 colorways, and suitable for curtains and blinds. Grown in France, this natural fiber has been worked in a way to imitate horsehair weaving.
LINSTANT is a sheer linen curtain processed through spinning, dyeing, weaving, and finishing.
LINCROYABLE is a sheer curtain with thin multiple stripes and vertical thread, making for an interesting visual look. LINVERSE is a sheer broad stripe with alternating colours and LINVISIBLE has a subtle grid created via the warp and weft contrasting colours.
This collection is available to view in BOYAC showrooms now.

Le Crin – One of a Kind

Only one workshop in the world continues to weave horsehair by hand using rare know-how. It takes infinite patience and precise craftsmanship, acquired over long months of apprenticeship to create these singular weaves, strand by strand. The technique demands such attention to detail that only a few metres are woven each day.
Le Crin showcased this craftsmanship during Paris Design Week this last September. Images from this installation are seen here.

Industry News


Talent runs in the family with the Kemps! Kit Kemp’s daughter Minnie is the Design Director of Kit Kemp Design Thread and has now launched a new wallpaper collection with our clever supplier MIND THE GAP.
Launched just this month, the “pallet” wallpaper is an ombre of colour that will illuminate any space. Hand painted by the inhouse artists in the Mind The Gap design studio.

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QSWWA 2023 Christmas Window Display Competition

We are thrilled to participate in the Queen St Christmas Window Display Competition this year. Please pop by for a glass of champagne, view our window and see our latest fabric and wallpaper collections that have just arrived!

RAMSES & THE GOLD OF THE PHARAOHS 18 Nov ’23 – 19 May ’24

Exclusive to the Australian Museum in Sydney: more than 3,000 years in the making, discover over 180 priceless & ancient Egyptian treasures. Showcasing Ancient Egypt ruled by the most celebrated pharaoh in the countries history.


Join us in Paris next month for the showcase of international interior designers and decorators. We will be with our key suppliers, IKSEL, Metaphors and Colony. If you wish to join us and learn more about our new collections contact us

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