Friday Files by: BOYAC – Latest from Creation Baumann

Friday Files by: BOYAC – Latest from Creation Baumann


1BOYAC is thrilled to announce the latest collection of upholstery and drapery fabrics from Creation Baumann.

From checks to herringbone – the new upholstery fabrics diversity is the key to the new collection from Création Baumann. The Swiss textile specialist presents a contemporary inspired palette of high quality upholstery fabrics that avails itself of nature’s remarkable colour spectrum and range of shades. Soft powder tones and shades in stone and earthy to masculine variations dominate the wool collection.

The resulting designs are a natural progression to the wool classic “Cavallo Piu” quality, opening up new and alternative combinations to the extensive uni palette. The wool collection encompasses five textiles; four classic woven designs, one multicoloured print fabric and two cushions.

In addition to the beautiful wools Creation Baumann have also released two new acoustic semi-transparent fabrics, Deltacoustic and Zetacoustic, both achieving an excellent acoustic rating of 0.6 and 0.65 respectively. Creation Baumann are now the world leaders in acoustic textiles with more than 90 products in diverse styles.

3Adding to their range of functional textiles is “Shelter”, the latest addition to the Silver and Steel collection. This glare and heat protective textile is aluminium vapour coated on the reverse to reflect 40% of sun rays generating diffused lighting without glare and reducing heat ingress by approximately 95%.

To view the new collection from Creation Baumann pop into a BOYAC showroom or contact head office on (03) 9429 5455 to arrange a sales representative to visit you.

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