Friday Files by: BOYAC – Piero Fornasetti

Friday Files by: BOYAC – Piero Fornasetti


“I don’t believe in periods or in dates. I simply don’t believe in them. I refuse to determine the value of an object by its date. I don’t limit myself, and nothing is too esoteric to be used as inspiration. I want to free my inspiration from the limitations of the usual. But I am also a rationalist … We have the habit of buying ‘signatures,’ and no longer invest in beautiful things that we like. An artist who wants to be successful is no longer an artist; he is a person who wants to have success. If he conforms to fashion, he will arrive late because by now everyone has already conformed”

Piero Fornasetti


As the only distributor for the Fornasetti fabric in Australia we are always pleased to take our clients through the quirky and dramatic fabric that Fornasetti so creatively produce. The combination of his fabric in a room really sets a tone and mood to a space-The fabrics always pop when they are placed in the space as a collective. See below


With a quirky & timeless look with colours that are vibrant and such a statement- Fornasetti can fit into almost any home, contemporary, modern or classical & Christmas sack for that matter.

With Fornasettis style being extremey significant to any other designs- you are sure to make heads turn with the designs he has created- Such as ‘The girl smoking’ or ‘The wink’

Below are only a few of their spectacular cushions, which we love to display.

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