Friday Files – 100% Linen Sheers for the Summer Heat

Friday Files – 100% Linen Sheers for the Summer Heat


Beat the heat, keep your interiors cool and stylish. Boyac’s beautiful Linen sheer options have been in demand, becoming the new essential addition to any room. Whether you’re keeping things traditional or going for something contemporary, here are some of our 100% linen picks….

Creation Baumann


This beautiful linen curtain fabric has a subtle stripe throughout. This semi-transparent fabric is 300cm wide, perfect for sheers

De Le Cuona

100% linen fabric woven and washed to show the rippled effect on the sand dunes and sea created by the wind. 300cm wide with 7 colour options

Morton Young and Borland
Fine Linen


With 4 beautiful neutral colours, this stunning 300cm wide sheer fabric looks soft and textured.

Cordeaux & Co


This beautiful semi-transparent 100% linen fabric comes in 3 colour options. This is a great neutral option for sheers

For more information about these sheers, or to see our full collection, please visit your nearest showroom, or contact us HERE.