Friday Files – 30 Years Anniversary of BOYAC

Friday Files – 30 Years Anniversary of BOYAC

30 Years Anniversary of BOYAC

BOYAC was founded by Humbert de Lambilly in 1988, he acquired a small distribution company from Pierre & Regine Voltz in Sydney; from there he quickly grew the business based mainly on French textile and furniture companies.

First Owner
Boyac front shop

His main company was Boussac a very well established French brand. He acquired de Le Cuona, Creation Metaphores, Veraseta and Declercq Passementiers that have all been part of BOYAC for nearly 30 years.

Trade Show 2
Prize 1989

National Interior Design Show in 1989

Declercq 2
Declercq 3

Old Declercq Passementiers factory

In 2005 Humbert retired and sold the business to his cousin Susanna de Vienne and her brother David Lloyd Jones, they have added companies from the US and other European countries. All through the history of Boyac the ethos has been one of unique and artisanal product, offering the very best of European and North American know how to their customer base of commercial & residential Architects and Interiors designers.

2007 Susanna De Vienne
Thibaut 2007 ad Boyac
LuigiB 2006 ad Boyac

Thibaut and Luigi Bevilacqua advertisements from 2006