Friday Files – Boyac In Movies

Friday Files – Boyac In Movies

This week’s Friday Files will focus on BOYAC products featured in movies. How exciting to spot one of our gorgeous products on the big screen!

‘The Gentlemen’ by Guy Ritchie

The Gentlemen by Guy Ritchie showcases our fabulous Marly colour Verde from Colony Fabrics on the back of the dining chairs. This cut-uncut jacquard velvet almost steals the limelight from Matthew McConaughey and Michelle Dockery in this scene.

‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ by Wes Anderson

A writer, a lobby boy and a quite one-of-a-kind concierge in an aging high-class hotel…

Have you spotted our special MYB Textiles lace from their Fraser collection?

‘The Dressmaker’ by Jocelyn Moorehouse

Jocelyn Moorehouse’s film ‘The Dressmaker’ featuring Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth follows the life of a woman who returns to her rural Australian hometown to create haute couture. Among the spectacular dresses specified by costume designer Marion Boyce, is a dress made from our Anna French fabric ‘Songbird’ in Silver Smoke from the ‘Aria’ collection.
This impeccably stunning fabric epitomizes elegance. Boyce’s transformation of this curtain fabric into a dress speaks for the versatility of BOYAC fabrics.

‘New Girl’ by Elizabeth Meriwether

The seventh and last season of the sitcom ‘New Girl’ by Elizabeth Meriwether showcases one of Thibaut pretty wallpapers – ‘Aldora’ – in the bedroom of Schmidt and Cece’s daughter

‘August: Osage County’ by John Wells

You cannot help looking how delicious the fabrics used for the sofas or the curtains are? Well, we cannot help it either. And without a sharp eye, we could have easily missed our refreshing ‘April’ wallpaper from Thibaut behind Meryl Streep in ‘August: Osage County’ by John Wells.

‘The Sound of Music’ by Robert Wise

Thibaut ‘Pompadour’ also got a role in Robert Wise’s movie ‘The Sound of Music’. First used as Maria’s curtains, the fabric was then turned into the children’s clothing!


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