Friday Files – Buy From The Bush

Friday Files – Buy From The Bush

Christmas is just around the corner and it is time to put up the Christmas tree and find gifts for your loved ones. With the events of the past year, Australians have decided to change their shopping behaviour.

In November this year, Paypal Australia released a research revealing how COVID-19 impacted Australians’ plans for Christmas 2020. Results show that there will be a dramatic shift to online shopping (48% this year compared to 25% last year). Safety and security drive this trend as many do not feel comfortable shopping in-store due to crowds. According to the research, Australians would like to buy better quality and significant gifts, and above all buy more local to support Aussie businesses that suffered tough times (drought, fire, flood, pandemic…). 


Buy local and make a difference with your gift.

Sponsored by PayPal Australia, Buy From The Bush is an online emporium aiming at helping small rural businesses to survive while offering Aussies the opportunity to shop differently this Christmas.  

Founded late October 2019, more than 400 rural businesses have signed up to the marketplace. On Buy From The Bush website, it is possible to see who these artists and craftsmen are: “Sole traders, side hustlers, mothers, fathers, small business owners creating their beautiful products in far flung places. They create to express themselves, to spread joy, to calm, to inspire, to heal. They have created alternative income streams for households under stress. In times of crisis often supplementary income becomes the primary income.”

Grace Brennan, Founder of Buy from the Bush said: “There are so many beautiful, unique gifts to discover from small businesses in the bush. All with a precious story of origin. The great joy of buying from the bush at Christmas is knowing the impact of your purchase. The gift you buy your loved one is also a gift to a small rural community. It generates cash flow, creates jobs and provides opportunity for growth.”

When it comes to Australian gifts, PayPal Australia’s research reported that Australian-made chocolates were the top gift (42%), followed by homegrown Christmas hampers (35%), Australian scented candles, soaps or hand creams (28%) and beach gear (28%). All of these are available on the Buy from the Bush marketplace.