Friday Files by: BOYAC – All Things Velvet!

Friday Files by: BOYAC – All Things Velvet!

Metaphores – St Germain Velvet

This week on Friday Files we are discussing all things velvet!

Velvet is seriously trending around the globe at the moment. From commercial to residential applications it has seen a huge resurgence over the past couple of years. These days there are so many different types of velvets with a variety of finishes available making it one of the most versatile fabrics available.

Most modern velvets are made by weaving two cloths with a short space between, across which an extra warp passes from one to the other. A small knife following the same movements as the shuttle cuts through this common warp, separating the two fabrics, and causing the short ends of the cut warp to form the pile on each of the two fabrics.

The most common yarns used for looming velvet are: cotton, silk, polyester and linen. Each velvet will have a drastically different texture and appearance in accordance to its composition. Silk velvets have been historically the softest and most luxurious on the market, however, today there are cotton velvets such as the St Germain by Metaphores which challenge this conception. Linen velvets have a completely different texture again, feeling more raw and coarse than other varieties.

Velvet is most commonly used for upholstery, however, can be used for drapery, accessories and even wall panelling.

Want to customise your velvet? Some fabric houses, such as Verel de Belval offer an option to “Gauffrage” the fabric. This process is achieved by passing the length of fabric through a machine which rolls a heated drum across the surface of the fabric embossing a design on the fabric. This results in a very subtle pattern embellished on the surface of the velvet which is a beautiful addition to the depth and complexity of the fabric. It is important to note that a gauffrage embellishment will not last forever and will gently become more and more subtle as the years go on, a feature which simply adds to the beauty.

Stop by one of our showrooms and experience some of these fabrics for yourself!

De le Cuona – Liquid Velvet

Velvet Drapery

Verel de Belval – Prince Igor Velvet with Gauffrage