Friday Files by: BOYAC – Creation Baumann Win Interior Innovation 2015 Award

Friday Files by: BOYAC – Creation Baumann Win Interior Innovation 2015 Award



cb-awardThis week on Friday files BOYAC would like to personally congratulate one of our fantastic suppliers- Creation Baumann on their terrific efforts in winning the award for Interior Innovation 2015.

Creation Baumann are known for their forward thinking, Extravaganza range, Cutting edge fabric and of course offers the world’s largest selection of sound absorbing decoration and upholstery fabrics which can be used for curtaining, roller and vertical blinds or for acoustic panels- Just to name a few things.

We would like to congratulate Creation Baumann for their award with their stunning fabric Eflora & the metal base collection.

“The Metal base collections as well as Eflora were awarded as Winners of the Interior Innovation Award 2015!

With the launch of the Metal Base Collection Création Baumann presents a world’s first: The brass, copper, aluminium and steel metallised fabrics are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also highly functional. The versatile maestros simultaneously screen out glare and intrusive stares whilst providing protection against heat and UV ingress at the window.

“Eflora”, the poetic curtain fabric by Création Baumann is based on a highly ingenious cut out pattern. Two shapes are cut out of the fabric by laser, which are then joined by hand to floral rosettes. The Swiss Langenthal based textile company commissions this work a work shop for handicapped people in the region.”

interior_innovation_award_2015_eflora interior_innovation_award_2015_metalbase

Feel free to pop into one of our showrooms to see the metal base range of fabrics OR you can visit there user friendly website and take a look around!