Friday Files by: BOYAC – Interview with Rolf Tschan of Creation Baumann

Friday Files by: BOYAC – Interview with Rolf Tschan of Creation Baumann

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Rolf Tschan This week for Friday Files we sat down with the International Sales Executive for Creation Baumann, Rolf Tschan who is visiting for DesignEX. Creation Baumann is a Swiss textiles company which BOYAC acquired the distribution rights for at the end of last year. Baumann are known for their technologically advanced synthetic cloths and sustainability of production. Creation Baumann really is an all-encompassing fabric range, a large proportion of the range is created from inherently fire-retardant Trevira’s making it ideal for Contract application, there is also a large range of natural silks, linen and cotton servicing the residential sector. Creation Baumann is also one of the only fabric brands in the world to create an adhesive textile, a product which they call Gecko. This product we are relaunching at DesignEX so be sure to come visit us at stand TDA9 + TDA10 to have a look and experience Gecko!

Which fabrics do you believe are best suited for the Australian Market?
I’ve found that as well as refreshing designs, the Australian market is really after solution orientated fabrics within the contract segment. So fabrics that provide solutions for acoustics, glare and heat and environmentally conscious textiles.

What differentiates Baumann from other European fabric brands?
Creation Baumann’s fabrics have their own handwriting due to the in-house creation and design. These creations are really driven by the need to constantly innovate new techniques in production, which again provides solutions to support interior design. We are also very focused in developing fabrics which look to the future, in the way people interact with their space and surroundings.

Do you source your yarns predominately from Europe or overseas?
100% of our Treviras are sourced from Europe which accounts for 50% of our textile range. We are in regular contact with yarn suppliers and developers to discuss the latest innovations and technologies to create a finished fabric. Today there are lots of “effect yarns” available which help us create fabrics such as “Sereno”, a Trevira fabric which looks like a silk crepe.