Friday Files by: BOYAC – Le Labo Design

Friday Files by: BOYAC – Le Labo Design


LE LABO Design was founded in 2006 and specialize in unique lightings and furniture. French architect and designer, Herve Langlais studied at Rouen and worked alongside Paul Andreu for fifteen years before becoming the artistic director of LE LABO. Le Labo are expertise in stainless steel chainmail and metal plates. Here at Boyac, we are proud to stock their distinctive textiles; such textiles feature in internationally recognized hotels around the world, including: Be Manos in Brussels, Shangri-La in Abu Dhabi and the Alexis Hotel in Seattle.

Le Labo’s metallic textile range comes in nearly a dozen designs. They are predominantly made from stainless steel, however some aluminium options are available. Le Labo offer brushed, polished and powder-coated finishes. Le Labo textiles are suitable for window coverings, screens, room dividers, decorative panels and bespoke lighting.

The images below are an insight into the various stainless steel designs, and demonstrate their versatility.

Le Labo 2 Le Labo 3

Le Labo’s distinctive metal bubble screen recently featured in the new windows for Paris luxury label Hermès’s Brisbane boutique, designed by Sydney-based Chen Lu. Lu specified the Le Labo Mixed Bubble screen, exclusively distributed by Boyac, due to its Parisian palette and its reflective, versatile and transparent features which allow for layering.

The Le Labo panels add depth and texture to the new windows of Hermes, enhancing the visual of the products. The shifting nature of the metal bubble screen allows it to catch light at different angles, and create a luminous effect.

Le Labo 1