Friday Files by: BOYAC – New Rugged Elegance by de Le Cuona

Friday Files by: BOYAC – New Rugged Elegance by de Le Cuona


Sensory plains merge with indigenous pattern and raw and sublime textures contrast in a palette where modern-day neutrals meet wild colour. That’s the excitement of de Le Cuona’s latest collection. Called Rugged Elegance, it’s been hailed as the fabric house’s most epic collection. Discover 11 new fabrics in more than 50 colourways, with each harnessing the elegance of natural materials, while exhibiting beauty in its imperfections.

Bernie de Le Cuona explores cultural crossovers, while delivering us her unique visual language of mixed metaphors with the most beautiful textiles. Heavy cashmere, linen velvets, antique leather embossing, metallic threads… de Le Cuona brings an innovative twist to time-honoured fabrics and techniques, marrying master craftsmanship with a contemporary sensibility, to craft (rather than design) Rugged Elegance.

See how ethnic-inspired patterns are brought to life through a contemporary twist on traditional African designs; re-coloured and rescaled paisleys remain true to their origins, while looking forward; and how diverse fibres, such as linen, wool, velvet and metallic threads, can combine to create layers of visionary textiles that are relevant for a global audience.


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