Friday Files by: BOYAC – Our Visit to Creation Baumann Mill in Switzerland.

Friday Files by: BOYAC – Our Visit to Creation Baumann Mill in Switzerland.

Friday FilesThis week on Friday Files we are sharing some images from our recent trip to the Creation Baumann Mill in Switzerland.

Creation Baumann, which is a fourth generation family company, has been around for 127 years and has always been at the forefront of textile technology.


The original CB linen weaving plant.
Linen was laid out like this to be bleached by the sun

The CB Headquarters and Factory today

Baumann is a completely vertical operation, from design, dyeing, weaving, to dispatching the order everything is done by Baumann under the same roof. This gives the Swiss textile house incredible control over what they are producing and how they are doing it. For instance Baumann reduces waste quantities by ensuring recycling. In production, they endeavour to reuse materials, like the carton tubes on which they reel the fabrics in great quantity. Baumann products are all dispatched wrapped in polyethylene packaging foil which bears no environmental or health risks and is bio-degradable.

Oddy Test Machine

Martindale test machine

FR test machine

Since 1974, Baumann has operated a neutralization plant for the further processing of the alkaline wastewater produced during the dyeing process. Thanks to this plant, no additional chemicals are needed to meet the legally stipulated wastewater limit values. Moreover, wastewater samples are taken on a daily basis. Thanks to the whirling washer described earlier, exhaust air is purified of all harmful substances.

Yarn Dye Machines

Yarn ready to be dyed

Designers Studio


A large lightbox and rolling machine

Digital print

Laser Cut Machine

Throughout the photos you can really see how neat and perfect everything is kept. There is a process for everything at Baumann and because they create these processes and stick to them they can provide an extremely reliable service and high quality product. Drop in to one of our showrooms and phone us on (03) 9429 5455 to make an appointment so see the latest from Creation Baumann.