Friday Files by: BOYAC – The Health Care Collection by Création Baumann

Friday Files by: BOYAC – The Health Care Collection by Création Baumann


Health and its preservation plays the most important part within today’s society. Health as a subject is ever present and affects everybody individually. Under the influence of changing demographics, changed perception of health and medical progress and globalisation, this will be further accentuated in the future.  One of the biggest challenges in the health care sector is the aging population. Because prevention is better than cure, prevention is also gaining in importance. Simultaneously, growing prosperity in many countries has resulted in an increased demand for health care; alongside clinics, private hospitals and residential care homes for the elderly are sprouting up.

The health care sector is booming. And with it the construction of the infrastructure, which constantly has to adapt to the findings of the latest medical research. The slogan “Healing Architecture” makes reference to the positive contribution of an interior in the healing process. Moreover is not just architects and interior designer who can promote healing but also colour psychologists. The latest research has established that a welcoming environment with a well founded colour concept can do much to promote healing. Although a comfortable ambiance cannot cure illnesses, it is clear that it affects the psychological well-being of patients and promotes the healing process.

Vela_1 Herba_3


More and more clinics, rehabilitation centres, nursing homes and care homes for the elderly are therefore taking care to provide a positive ambiance which focuses on the healing instead of the illness. Textiles make an important contribution: Création Baumann the Swiss textile company from Langenthal is bringing out a Health Care Collection with fabrics which were specially developed for this sector and a colour pallet which incorporates the latest developments of research. All the fabrics in the new collection, which are available in a width of 300 cm, are flame retardant and can be washed at 60 degrees. Furthermore the two uni fabrics “Unimento” and “Basic IV UN” feature an antimicrobial finish. The colour palette was arrived at in close co-operation with a colour psychologist. “Unimento” is available in 16 delicate and soft hues – which incorporate a pure white, a soft light blue and delicate pink. A plus point for the light textiles is their antimicrobial finish and dirt and water repellent properties. The fine, light-translucent fabric provides privacy and is ideal for curtaining off and dividing areas on hospital stations.

The slightly heavier uni fabric “Basic IV UN” a classic of the company, has also been given an antimicrobial finish. As in “Unimento“ the colours were selected to promote well-being. The colour palette encompasses 28 colours; the delicate hues of “Unimento” are enriched with sumptuous tones such as orange, red and pink. The uni fabric “Sport” is a heavy, opaque quality with a colour spectrum that has been further enlarged: with added dark, elegant colours, that look good in residential homes for the elderly for instance.

Herba_2 Ellipso_3


New architect models for the health care sector show that architects are increasingly incorporating nature – be it in the interior with planting, be it in the exterior with the location of the building. For this reason the uni fabrics are supplemented with three digital prints which bring nature into the waiting room or to the sick bed. The 300 cm wide digital prints “Herba”, “Sophila” and “Verdena” conjure twigs, a delicate green and buds to large window frontages. Three abstract designs on the “Sport” quality also generate well-being with fluid and organic shapes. Whilst the busy flower pattern in “Spyro” is eye-catching, “Vela” features delicate wavy lines and “Ellipso” overlapping eclipses. The designs are available in a very fresh, colourful setting and a more muted version with elegant colours.

Création Baumann is enriching with this aesthetic, easy care products its range of health care textiles. With the broad range of the fabrics, the enterprise demonstrates its great competence as a partner for the health care sector. The new collection is available from specialist outlets from January 2014.