Friday Files by: BOYAC – Thibaut – As Old as the Statue of Liberty

Friday Files by: BOYAC – Thibaut – As Old as the Statue of Liberty


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Founded in 1886, (the same year that France gave the Statue of Liberty to the US), Thibaut is the oldest continuously operating wallpaper company in the United States. Over the 128 years, Thibaut has changed its profile from a  wallpaper distributor to an upscale design house. Known for its exceptional and unique designs, the company distinguishes itself from its competitors with inspiring colour palettes, fresh interpretations of classic designs, and exclusive artwork created by an in-house design team. Design styles range from historic reproductions, toile &  Chinoiserie to tropical and novelty patterns.

Thibaut currently has over 55 active collections, over 6,000 wallpapers and 2,000 fabrics. Designers and consumers all over the world have been attracted to the Thibaut’s creative designs that “push the envelope,” their exclusive print fabrics, new woven fabric lines, and their market-tested products that help inspire people to decorate.

Thibaut has a matching fabric for many wallpapers and has a matching wallpaper for most every print fabric. This is unique in the world.

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As the company founder, Richard E. Thibaut, once wrote in 1887 Thibaut provides “the choicest colourings and designs which are unsurpassed by any line of Wallpapers offered.” We hope you will agree Thibaut is continuing in this tradition.