Friday Files by: BOYAC – Toiles de Mayenne Mill

Friday Files by: BOYAC – Toiles de Mayenne Mill

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This week on Friday Files we are sharing some images from our recent trip to the Toiles De Mayenne Mill in France.

The Toiles de Mayenne Mill is located in Fontaine-Daniel which occupies a clearing in the Salair Wood, 4 kilometres from the town of Mayenne. Here, in 1205, an abbey was founded by Cistercian monks from Clairmont Abbey, just outside Laval. The abbey at Fontaine-Daniel was sold off as a national asset in 1791, and was bought by a group of entrepreneurs who set up a spinning mill there.

Accommodation was built for the Toiles de Mayenne workers which gives the village its own unique character. The detached houses and buildings were designed by several of the company’s directors, from the start of the business right up to 1975. They all have their own cottage gardens, and the streets are named after flowers and animals that are to be found in the local countryside.


Nowadays most of the workers live outside of Fontaine Daniel with many of the original accommodation buildings being occupied by retired workers.

Toiles de Mayenne has been manufactured at Fontaine-Daniel for 200 years.

Their main showroom is open to trade and to the public and is nestled amongst centuries-old trees.

To view the quintessentially French range from Toiles de Mayenne call (03) 9429 5455 to arrange an appointment or drop into your nearest BOYAC showroom.