Friday Files by: BOYAC – WORLD OF STYLE

Friday Files by: BOYAC – WORLD OF STYLE


This week on Friday files we are lucky enough to share with you an experience in which we were able to be involved in on the 24th of July. Porter Davis presenting- “WORLD OF STYLES’’ one of the largest interior & exterior showrooms in Australia.

It was the night of nights, presented with a red carpet and your photo taken on arrival with Champagne and many other ‘designer’ foods and drinks- We stepped into an old converted warehouse that is now a ‘World of styles’ It was truly a wow factor. With displays fully furnished you felt like you could rug up and sit on the couch- or perhaps step into the kitchen and prepare an evening meal!- it had every aspect in which you need to build your home from start to finish- outside to inside. This is a one stop shop if you are building the home of your dreams!

The World of Styles is located on City road, South bank.  Opening to the public on the 9th of August, all you need to do is register online. – Click Here

World Of Style - Map


10473188_1476687415912208_6661221653489595415_nYou can even grab a coffee at the Café located inside.

The Philosophy:  ”The World of Style experience isn’t about sitting down in a static showroom making selections from photos or deciding between a handful of samples.

World of Style is designed to engage your senses, excite you with the possibilities and give you real-time quotes and plenty of samples to explore. This is your opportunity to surround yourself in interior design – where you can touch it, see it, feel it and live it.

Assisted by a team of passionate and qualified interior designers, World of Style will realise your vision and colour the dream for your new Porter Davis home”

We are so thankful and honoured to be a part of this- You will find our very own Thibaut- Alexander & Grayden wallpaper, and many of our fabrics within the ‘World of styles’ for your specific decorating needs.


IMG_3360   6_designer_concept_bedroom










For more information visit the website be sure to take a look around- If you’re not too sure what your style is- be sure to take the quiz!