Friday Files – Cashmere And Wool

Friday Files – Cashmere And Wool

Cashmere is a well-known luxurious fabric, known for its softness, wonderful insulating properties, non-scratchy feel, and beautiful appearance.

Cashmere is a natural fibre which is said to be three times as warm as wool. When  goats shed their coat, a producer will comb out the fine hairs, class them and send them to be processed into yarn ready for production of textiles.

Pictured is a fabric from Metaphores new collection called ‘Everest’.

This cashmere bouclé is in a world of its own. Exceptional in both the quality of its yarn and the finesse of its weaving. Uses: upholstery, drapery, accessories, plaids

Wool – Wool is a fibre obtained from sheep and other animals. Wool has natural UV protection, it is fire retardant, biodegradable, breathable, durable and is a natural insulator.

In its 2021 collection, De Le Cuona have brought out a boucle style fabric – Attenborough – which is a mixture of twisted melange wool, tightly woven onto a linen base. The irregular, gnarled texture of the fabric mimics rugged terrain and the rich, earthy colours recall landscapes of the natural world.

Bute has a fantastic range of fabrics which are largely made up of wool, making them a perfect fit for residential and even commercial use. Bute’s products have high martindales as well as a wonderful colour range making sure that their products can be enjoyed by everybody.

Featuring a large selection of fabrics consisting of wool, Metaphores developed this year “Toundra”. This new fabric has a fantastic variety of colorways. Irregularities are provoked by the intertwining of its different yarns that give it life, while the softness of its wool acts as a foil to its colder, stone-like tones. A textile in which both texture and tactility are rejoiced.