Friday Files – Creations Metaphores Lagune

Friday Files – Creations Metaphores Lagune


Creations Metaphores Lagune fabric has been a continuous favourite for interiors for the varying vibrant colour palette and artisanal ombre look. Using Saint Germain velvet as the base, the unusual dyeing technique gives the colours richness and depth, creating the uniqueness of this product.

CARON&ASSOCIES- Lagune pillows- Andermatt swiss alps chalet

Penthouse Andermatt featuring Lagune Tempete 71253/005

Lagune has recently been incorporated into the interiors of the Penthouse Andermatt in the Swiss Alps, a luxurious 5-star contemporary hotel. The Parisian architecture agency Caron & Associes created an interior design that oozes warmth and openness, using Lagune and Prisme fabrics for upholstery and pillows.

CARON&ASSOCIES- Lagune- Andermatt swiss alps chalet

Lagune Dune 71253/001 upholstered on chair,
Prisme Celeste 71300/012 on cushion

CARON&ASSOCIES- Lagune focus- Andermatt swiss alps chalet

Lagune Fauve 71253/002 upholstered on chair