Friday Files – Fabrica Bedheads and In the Sac Bed Linen

Friday Files – Fabrica Bedheads and In the Sac Bed Linen



Inspired by the Hamptons and New England style, Fabrica’s timeless bedhead designs accommodate practicality. These Australian-made bedheads possess adjustable legs with no need for attachment to the wall behind or the bed itself; Fabrica bedheads are easily installed and suitable for both temporary and permanent installations. French linen or American prints are available for king single, double, queen and king sized beds, providing an extensive range to ensure preference and suitability are achieved. Fabrica also offer loose covers for all of their bedhead designs, enabling seasonal flexibility and versatility. Their design team has ensured that the Fabrica bedheads cater to décor of modernity, classicality and grandeur.

Paddington Bedhead Fabrica

In the Sac bed linen is woven from the world’s oldest luxury fibre and it 100% natural linen from the Netherlands. It is woven exclusively for In the Sac, who has been in the Australian textile industry for over forty years. In producing their extraordinarily luxurious bed linen, In the Sac meticulously plan and control each process from harvest to the bedroom. Using their knowledge of production and finishing, In the Sac bed linen comes in different weights and textures, to ensure the finest and softest finishes. Ultimately, the simplicity of their world-class products emanates natural beauty and luxury.

In the Sac Bed Linen