FRIDAY FILES – Genuine Product

FRIDAY FILES – Genuine Product

As most fabric companies, designers and architects know, substitution can be a real issue.


Higher margins may be achieved by substituting a product with another, inferior both in price and quality, without the client’s knowledge or consent. 

High-quality fabrics justify their prices by the quality resources used to produce them and by their production process respecting human rights, fair trade, workers rights and hard earned wages gained over many years,  and often product of artisanal workmanship. Copies are a real problem as they ruin design, copyright  and traditional know-how.


What are consequences on the local scale? In the eventuality of a problem with the product, the client is dissatisfied, the professional loses a client and the product supplier’s reputation is tarnished. The end client has been misled and our industry ethics are questioned.

As a solution, Boyac offers the option to receive a certificate of origin for all its products – available upon request.