Friday Files – History of Antoine d’Albiousse

Friday Files – History of Antoine d’Albiousse

Founded in 1910, Antoine d’Albiousse formally known as Destombes; has established itself one of the world’s most renowned suppliers of beautiful tapestries, silks, plain velvets and Velvet of Genoa. With over a century worth of rich history behind them, this company has continued to grow over the years, attracting decorators and interior designers worldwide.

Antoine d’Albiousse bought this business in 2007, with a desire to transform it into something fresh and update its traditional look. His first collection included beautiful high-quality linens and cottons, with a focus on creating simple, effortless and elegant style within a space.


Antoine d’Albiousse is a textile editor, building collections of interior and upholstery fabric in partnership with French and European mills and manufacturers. The fabric designs purchased become exclusive to each collection.

Creating finest fabrics for use in the home, each collection is carefully curated to ensure it retains its high end classical contemporary style.

From a wide range of popular velvet products, ‘Touch Me’ has attracted a vast group of admirers, each in awe of its high resistance and beautiful lustre.  Made with a 100% cotton pile and of a cotton and polyester back, ‘Touch Me’ comes in a plethora of colours including Glacier, Citrine, and pictured below, Absinthe.

This fabric is ideal for seats, curtains or wall coverings, and can be enhanced by customised embossed detail.