FRIDAY FILES – Iksel New Collection – Scenic Decors Part 3

FRIDAY FILES – Iksel New Collection – Scenic Decors Part 3

We are thrilled to present to you, Part 3 of our IKSEL journey. Showcasing the next three beautiful wallcovering designs: Japanese Mountains, Rumi & Scenic Background.


 IKSEL Japanese Mountains colour gold.

With its distinctive colour palette of gold and browns, Japanese Mountains reference the folding screens of the 17th Century Tokugawa Shogunat.

However, the painting has also something Indian to it, borrowing from the miniature tradition. 

The combination is quite unique and can be said to follow a long line of Japanese themes painted by Indian hands. Japanese Mountains are available in 5 colours.

IKSEL Japanese Mountains clockwise from top left colours, Mist, Vieux Rose and Opaline.


Above: Iksel Rumi col. Gouache

Iksel’s Aleppo Rumi collection is inspired by one of the oldest wood panelled rooms in the Orient. It was originally in a house called Beit Wakil in 17th Century Aleppo. The scenes were commissioned by a wealthy Christian Armenian broker. He employed a Persian artist, Hallab Shaban, to create beautiful and rich scenes of Persian style together with Ottoman motifs. 

In the late 19th Century, the panels were bought by a German collector and are now housed in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.


Above: Rumi col Gouche & Pop


Scenic Background refers to the background of Scenic Decors available in Standard sizes and colours. 

These backgrounds are sold by panels to be used alone or together with the Scenic Decor. In the 34 available colours, you will find all colour options of the following decors: Costermans Garden, Edo Wisteria, Exotic Chinoiserie, Imperial Garden, Japanese Mountains, Qianlong Garden, Renaissance Herbier, Xanadu Balustrade and Xanadu Landscape

Stay tuned for the 4th and final showcase of IKSEL’S new collections. Coming next week.

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