FRIDAY FILES – Iksel New Collection – Scenic Decors Part 4

FRIDAY FILES – Iksel New Collection – Scenic Decors Part 4

The 4th and final showcase of the new IKSEL designs: Palermo Landscape, Dutch Tree of Life and the new colours for Procession & Governor’s Visit.

Palermo Landscape

With its distinctive colour palette of gold and browns, Japanese Mountains reference the folding screens of the 17th Century Tokugawa Shogunat.

However, the painting has also something Indian to it, borrowing from the miniature tradition. 

The combination is quite unique and can be said to follow a long line of Japanese themes painted by Indian hands. Japanese Mountains are available in 5 colours.


Dutch Tree of Life

These panels were inspired by the style of a 17th Century Dutch screen originally painted on leather. It is interesting to note that these were the first of the trees of life genre which were to become all the rage on later Chinese wallpapers made for the European market.

Above: Dutch Tree of Life, in its original colour option.

Above: Dutch Tree of Life col aqua, teal and original.

Dutch Tree of Life is available in 3 standard colour options, 3 standard sizes & it loops.

Governor’s Visit

Governor’s Visit, Hotel De Tuilerieen (Bruges)


To add to iksel’s 2022 collection, an additional colour option “Gouache” is now available for Governor’s Visit


Pictured above Procession in the new Gouache colour option.


Thank you for travelling through time and cultures with us exploring iksel’s new 2022 collection.

For further information about these wallcoverings, or the entire IKSEL range please contact the BOYAC team.