Friday Files – Interview with Steve Cordony

Friday Files – Interview with Steve Cordony

Theatrical, Glamourous and Timeless

Steve Cordony is one of Sydney’s top interior and event stylists – as well as the Style Director at-large for Belle Magazine, Australia’s top Interior Design magazine. His extensive portfolio of work has positioned him as a leading expert in the Australian design industry, staying ahead of all the current trends as well as leaving his own personal touch on all he does.

What inspired Steve to work in the Industry?

He’s always had a love for interiors – with his father as a builder and his mother an interior decorator, Steve’s passion came from his surroundings. Studying Interior Design at the Enmore Design Centre, his success blossomed when he because the runner up of the Young Interior Design Award with Belle. This led onto him becoming Belle’s Interior Design Editor.

Now, Steve runs his own business along side his Style directorship at Belle. He says designing with a great team, working on a variety of projects and using his creativity in all sorts of different ways keeps him constantly excited and entertained.

What are some challenges faced?

A significant challenge that Steve constantly faces is logistics. There is always an uncertainty when it comes to orchestrating an editorial or a project. However, he says sometimes this turns into a positive and is always up for a challenge. Solving the unexpected can create greatness, constantly keeping things exciting!

Some advice for students starting out in the industry

Steve attests that a good portfolio behind you is key. Having a good data base in terms of contacts in all sorts of categories is a must have. It is also not all pretty – lots of pre-production goes behind every event, shoot or project – but getting through this is to push through logistics!

How to keep up with trends in the Industry and keep inspired

“Social Media is definitely amazing to stay abreast of what is happening”.

Steve knows just how important it is to be on top of the game, especially since Belle editorial work needs to be seasons ahead. His travels, as well as his amazing presence on social media, keep him in the loop.

Travelling and seeing different cultures in the way they live and design are extremely important in staying up to date. Steve says each culture has a very specific look – textures, patterns, colours – everyone does it differently. These are truly inspirational in so many different ways across all Steve does.

What are Steve’s own fabric styles and some Boyac favourites?

He loves beautiful, lush, thick fabrics – much like the De Le Cuona Vienna Velvet. With most of his projects, especially interior design – everything starts with fabrics and wallpapers to build a room around.

He also loves the classics with herringbones and hounds tooth, and rich linens with tactile textures. Gorgeous mustards as well as black and white are some distinctive features he also loves.

Depending on editorial work – Steve is able to be a bit more adventurous and theatrical. He loves the Iksel wallpaper panels for quirky scenic scapes that give an amazing background to work with.

Steve loves De Le Cuona, with their linens being a ‘go-to’- and their entire collection perfect for upholstery, bed heads or drapery. The Iksel panels for their theatrical qualities are another favourite. But for fantastic prints and range, Thibaut is the pick. Creation Baumann’s innovative and technical fabrics are unparalleled.