Friday Files – A look at Declercq at Versailles

Friday Files – A look at Declercq at Versailles

Declercq Passementiers, founded in 1852 in Paris, is a sixth-generation family enterprise. Their exquisite tassels, braids and trimmings have been used throughout history in many French monumental places, as well as by contemporary interior designers and decorators today.

The restoration of the Royal Theatre at the Château de Versailles called on Declercq to recreate the trimmings, tassels and braids to bring it back to its former 18th century glory.

“Declercq’s artisans spent more than 500 hours—and used 66 pounds of gold, among other materials—to create the ornate embellishments for the jewel box theater that was inaugurated in honor of Louis XVI’s marriage to Marie Antoinette.”

-France Today, December Issue 2009

Their excellent expertise and the refined skill of their craftsmen have been used throughout the palace through restoration. Absolutely stunning work!

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