Friday Files – Lovely Linen

Friday Files – Lovely Linen

As summer is on its way, a simple base ingredient for everyday surroundings is a spoon full of pure linen. Keeping things fresh and simple.

Working with the most skilled craftspeople and hand-picked mills worldwide, we take lots of pride in the linens we work with.

Linen is one of the oldest fabrics known to mankind. It is not only a beautiful fabric aesthetically but functionally also, qualities include its durability and amazing water absorption properties, the more it is used the more beautiful it becomes.

“I like to use traditional weaving with contemporary or surprising colour choices and then give the fabric a twist like embossing with ancient rollers,” she explains.

Bernie de Le Cuona.

A few special members to the Boyac linen family are:

Butter soft linen from de le Cuona, its name is truly the best description of this beautiful linen; It melts in your hands, such a beautiful soft texture. This particular linen is so versatile it can be used for anything and anywhere from upholstery, to drapes and bedheads.

Drape de Flandres from Antoine D’Albiousse Destombes, is a beautiful range of stoned washed earthy toned linen made in France.

AVIGNON from Cordeaux & Co, is light and airy, perfect for bed coverings and brilliant for loose covers of furniture to make them feel light and cool in the warmer months.

There are so many more linens that are in our range, come and have a look!