FRIDAY FILES – The Marvellous Marly

FRIDAY FILES – The Marvellous Marly

Above: Marly col verde upholstery

The marvellous Marly by Colony Roma is one of our all-time showroom favourites. Marly is a colourful cut-uncut jacquard velvet featuring a lush verdant design. This patterned jacquard velvet is woven in four chains on complex looms. The relief effect is created by different methods of weaving the linen velvet, cut and uncut. Made in artisanal mills in Italy.

The fabric is particularly suitable for heavy-duty upholstery and is available in four colourways. 

This verdant pattern is also available in vinyl textured wallpaper. Suitable for living and bathroom spaces.


Above left: Marly upholstered on ottoman and cushions; Marly cushions. Interiors by Phoebe Nicol Interiors.

The Gentlemen CY Marly

Above left: The Gentlemen by Guy Ritchie with Marly col Verde on Michelle Dockery & Matthew McConaughey’s dining chairs. Above right: Marly bedhead featured in fashion designer Nina Seuss’ London home.


Above: Marly col Verde in the lounge room. Photo credit: Harlem Toile Girl. Above right: Vinyl textured wallpaper suitable for bathrooms.