Friday Files – Maverick II – de Le Cuona’s New Collection 2020

Friday Files – Maverick II – de Le Cuona’s New Collection 2020

Recently launched in Paris, de Le Cuona’s new Maverick II collection is a breath of fresh air. With its natural colours inspired by the beauty of the great outdoors, de Le Cuona transports us into its dreamy universe once again. 

The pure linens connote cloudy white skies when in neutral colours, whilst textural autumnal shades make for an effortless yet luxurious look.

De new collection 2020 bracken setting
DE new collection 2020 bracken curtain setting
DE new collection 2020

Upholstery and curtain textures are a major feature of this new collection – Hoxton and Fox are coarse-grained linens with a soft touch, whilst Bracken is simply soft and elegant. This collection brings harmony and peace to your interiors.

DE new collection Hoxton cushion
DE new collection Hoxton

The final showstopper of this new collection is Victoria. This wool paisley is beautifully delicate, with its colourful India-inspired patterns. Victoria brings a touch of eccentricity to classic settings. Layering these paisleys, velvets, linens and textures gives a regal ambiance to any home.

DE new collection 2020 cushions victoria, bracken, hoxton

Come and visit us at your nearest showroom to see the collection.