Friday Files – Morrison Polkinghorne visits Boyac

Friday Files – Morrison Polkinghorne visits Boyac


It is not often that you are in the presence of someone who is so full of energy and yet at the same time so peaceful and calm.

That was our Monday here at Boyac in the presence of the beautiful Morrison Polkinghorne.

Tassels, fringes, braids and cords were hot topics of conversation cooking and travel also.

As Morrison showed us his new creations bursting with colour and so many intricate elements we were very excited to see a contemporary take on the tassels and ropes still holding their craftsmanship qualities. 

What makes Passementeries so special is not only does Morrison create his beautiful Tassels, fringes, braids and cords, there is a whole world of colour for you to delve into and create your own custom orders.

We are super excited to have Morrison’s beautiful creations in our Melbourne showroom.

Be sure to come and see them!

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