FRIDAY FILES – Partner Profile On Decor Design Centre, Perth

FRIDAY FILES – Partner Profile On Decor Design Centre, Perth

What inspired you to work in the industry?

I grew up surrounded by an appreciation and passion for design and interiors but it was never a set path. I have always been a “people person” first and foremost and I see that as the cornerstone of what we do. I have always had an affinity with the idea of being allowed into the environments where people live, work and play. Being a part of the design process means we have an opportunity to be a part of making those spaces reflect the style and personality of the owner or the user. That is a great privilege and a great reason to come to work each day.

Home studio:Pictured in front of Barbara Sunset 01 curtains and Metaphores Linconstant sheers.
Photography: Theodore Topelberg
Studio lighting: Isaac Topelberg

Tell us about you, how did you get into this business?

Genuinely by accident. I had been working in big-box retail in the furniture industry whilst I was studying and was even selling furniture covered in fabrics that my family supplied without even knowing it. Around that time my father mentioned that he was having trouble filling a sales position and I said that I would be happy to come on board for a while to help out. That was 21 years ago…

I really value my grounding in retail. I think that the opportunity to see the front end of the market and understanding the final product purchasing decision is so critical to how the rest of the supply chain should present itself. I learnt so much from retail – particularly bedding, electrical and furniture as significant household purchase decisions. There is a great satisfaction in helping a client to realise their vision and that never stops being exciting.

How long has DDC been established?

A little known fact is that Decor Design Centre began in Melbourne more than half a century ago. When the owner moved to Perth, my father was his first employee – at that time spending his days switching European to Australian plugs on their imported Scandinavian light fittings. Following the founder’s tragic passing a few years later, my father bought the business and we have remained a supplier to the furniture and design industry ever since. We will be celebrating our 60th birthday in 2022. From lighting to giftware, art glass to leather and of course textiles & wallcoverings, we have been associated with many of the world’s leading names for generations. We love what we do and can’t wait to see what the next 60 years brings…

What are your three favourite BOYAC products?

Hard choice, but here goes:

Creation Baumann is a treasure trove of design excellence and I love SINFONIA as either a contract or residential sheer. I love how it drapes and the way it flows in the breeze. It can define a space with its bold colours, but is so fine that it can also disappear into the background and act as an almost invisible divide between two spaces

Thibaut’s wallpaper collections continue to inspire and their grasscloths are second to none. I love seeing designers utilise the intricate weaves on walls, ceilings and cabinetry to add depth and texture to an otherwise flat surface.

De Le Cuona is the queen of linen and FOX is simply one of the most spectacular upholstery products in the market. The colours, the weight, the handle – this is what people dream of when they want a linen sofa.


Above: de Le Cuona “Fox” colours; Creation Baumann “Sinfonia”; Thibaut Grasscloth wallpapers.

What is on trend at the moment?

In terms of colour, we’re seeing deep greens and navy with accents of mustards and ochres. Covid has meant a return to simple pleasures, a renewed value of one’s home as a sanctuary and a complete rethink of what a workplace should look and feel like. That means we’re seeing colours and textures that are warm and inviting and are luxurious to look at, but equally important is how they feel. Colours are reflecting personalities of the end client and schemes are increasingly anchored in simple, earthy tones that provide a sense of calm and indulgence in an otherwise crazy world.