Friday Files – Product Of The Month – Velvet

Friday Files – Product Of The Month – Velvet


BOYAC’S Product of the Month is Velvet – we have selected a few of our favorite velvets supplied by BOYAC, ranging in price.
Destombes Touch Me Velvet – Touch Me is a washable cotton velvet with a 100% cotton pile and of a cotton and polyester back, which confers it an exceptional stability and high resistance. This beautiful drape of this fabric can be used either for seats, curtains or wall covering. This fabric can be customized with various embossing designs.

Destombes Touch Me
De Le CuonaLiquid Velvet – Liquid is of simply superb quality; it is a robust cotton velvet, which offers a sharp sheen and glamour. The pile has been cut to optimize both the aesthetic and practical aesthetics, and can be used either for curtaining or upholstery.

de Le Cuona Liquid
Destombes Velours de Fiacre Velvet – Velours de Fiacre’s touch and aspect is epitomizes the spirit of traditional silk velvets. This high quality and soft velvet offers a charming aspect and character, and has high resistance and stability due to its composition of 100% viscose. It can be used for either upholstery or decoration.

Destombes Velours de Fiacre
Colony Amur Velvet – Amur emanates luxury and elegance. This silk velvet epitomizes timelessness, and can be used for either drapery or upholstery.

Colony Amur