FRIDAY FILES – As Simple As Black & White

FRIDAY FILES – As Simple As Black & White

Cosy upholstered Bench Sévigné col Caviar. design @studioparisien. Photo @raphael_dautigny.

Cosy upholstered Bench Sévigné col Caviar. design @studioparisien. Photo @raphael_dautigny.

Black is opulent, dramatic and sophisticated. It creates a grounding and sharp mood, while allowing designers to scale the level of intensity to suit each interior.

The usage of black in interior upholstery and draperies is one of our favourites.

Here is a selection of our favourite Maison Antoine d’Albiousse and Metaphores black and white fabrics to bring a joyful, sophisticated and powerful aesthetic.

Cozy is a chenille that transports us back to a more organic world, with a mottled effect reminiscent of animal shells or feathers. Its fluffy look is mirrored in its volume offering a promise of repose and security. This chenille creates an interplay of depth and relief, and its sturdiness makes it suitable for seats.

Maison Antoine d’Albiousse Cuba upholstered armchair col. noir recto. 

Cuba is a heavy linen and cotton woven fabric with a modern graphic design. Cuba is perfectly suited to residential upholstery and often used for curtaining.


Maison Antoine d’Albiousse Left: Cuba col. noir recto. Right: Cuba colour range.

Maison Antoine d’Albiousse Above: Frida Safran Noir 31.

Frida is a Hispanic-inspired embroidered fabric named after the 21st Century Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. This fabric is a cotton curtain fabric, embroidered with the prettiest design in black thread, or white or red embroidery.


Eiffel is a very dramatic fabric of choice. This reproduction of Robert Delaunay’s famous Eiffel Tower, printed in black and white on cotton, would be suitable for upholstery or curtaining.

DS Eiffel 1
DS Eiffel 2

Maison Antoine d’Albiousse: Eiffel Tower 100% linen printed fabric.

Maison Antoine d’Albiousse mood board.