Friday Files – Varieties Of Velvet

Friday Files – Varieties Of Velvet

Most people are familiar with velvet but may not know the details of its nature, use, and history. Today we take a closer look at velvet- we hope you feel inspired to use it in your own home.

Velvet is a type of woven tufted fabric having a short, dense pile that was originated in the Far East; it then spread to Europe in the 14th century. It always has been and continues to be a luxurious fabric appropriate for royalty yet a favourite among all, adding a sensuous level of indulgent beauty to any space.

Velvet is woven on a loom that weaves two thicknesses of the material at the same time. The two pieces are then cut apart to create the pile (the soft face of the fabric). Despite modern technology, velvet is still a very expensive product to produce. Its pricing and qualities are dependent on its content, whether silk, cotton, linen, synthetic fibres, or a combination thereof.

The direction (otherwise known as “nap”) of the pile is important to pay attention to. The nap on drapery should be smooth when running your hand from bottom to top. This allows for the pile to “open” once installed, allowing for the lustre of the fabric to become more visible. For upholstery, the nap should run from top to bottom so that when you sit down, the pile is moving in the same direction. This makes it easier on the nap and allows the velvet to maintain its beauty over a longer period of time. Some products like de Le Cuona’s “Eskimo” are non-directional velvets, meaning that whichever way you run your hand, the velvet maintains its same appearance and lustre. Therefore, such velvets wear very well over time.

Boyac offer a wide range of velvet, from more inexpensive, fully-cotton options to more extravagant patterned and figured options.

Pedroso et Osorio offer “Glamour” and “Fancy,” solid velvets in a variety of colours at an affordable pricepoint. Creation Metaphores also offer a range of solid coloured velvets with “St. Germain.” New from de Le Cuona, “Vienna Velvet” is a cotton velvet in eight unique tones.

For the more daring, you may be inspired by Creation Metaphores’ 100% cotton “Lagune,” which has a watercolour effect in eight different colourways.

Colony offer several “cut velvet” options including “Zig Zag”.

Luigi Bevilacqua have a variety of stunning options, cut and figured velvet. A popular pattern is “Tigre” offered in traditional and non-traditional colourways.

Whether for a couple of throw cushions or for a wall of full-length drapery, consider velvet for your next project. It adds a level of gorgeous texture and luminosity to any room, setting it apart from the rest.