Friday Files – Wonderous Iksel Wallpaper

Friday Files – Wonderous Iksel Wallpaper

Product: Italian Panoramic
Gordon Dunning Interior Design (USA)

Iksel Decorative Arts has been painting by hand for interior decoration since 1988, specialising in wall coverings and decorative surfaces. Founded by husband and wife, Mehmet and Dimonah Iksel, they have become recognised by designers and decorators worldwide, and were given a two-page editorial in the New York Times.

Mehmet Iksel (Left) and Dimonah Iksel (Right)

Product: Italian Panoramic
Design: Lydie Du Bray

Using digital technology and imaging software to enhance their work, Iksel’s designs and prints feature scenic, botanical, and ornamental elements, and encompass many cultures and artistic styles. Decorative Panels are printed on paper and for commercial projects on polyester. Designs can be customised to fit any space.

A pair of framed panels in a foyer would replace the need for custom art. Alternatively, for a more dramatic feature wall, you could choose to purchase an entire uninterrupted scene to cover a whole wall or room.

Product: D-Dreams
Design: Home of Steve Cordony (Belle Magazine Style Director)

Boyac are very proud to distribute Iksel in Australia. The gorgeous collection of decorative wall panels are available for order. Iksel provides the appearance of meticulously hand painted murals but at a fraction of the cost. Available in five different heights, all at 90 cm wide, the options for their application are endless.

Product: Edo Wisteria
Design: Belle Magazine

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