Inspirational Tones And Texture From Antoine D’albiousse

Inspirational Tones And Texture From Antoine D’albiousse

DS Bellefontaine Ivoire A Bonne

Above right: Bellefontaine woven linen speckled with coloured tips that make it modern and fresh. This heavy weaving can be made into curtains and upholstery. Available in 2 colourways.

The 2022 Abbey Road collection from Antoine d’Albiousse brings together a collective of luxury woolly or voile-style fabrics, in natural tones.

All fabrics in this collection are inspired by France’s famous Abbeys – each bearing the name of their specific architectural muse.

Fabrics in this collection are suitable for upholstery, accessories, as well as curtains, blinds and wall panels.

DS Clairvaux Dalmatien A OK 5

Above left: Citeaux is a heavy, raw, open linen weave, suitable for blinds or curtains. Above right: Clairvaux is a black and ivory jacquard weave, woven like an aerial view map of New York. The ecru loops of this jacquard give it a woolly appearance – perfect for upholstery or cushions.

DS Notre Dame Ivoire A OK 2

Above left: Cluny is an ivory woolly texture on a background of multicoloured yarn. This fabric is suitable for cushions, and upholstery. Above right: Notre Dame is a semi-transparent weave in raw linen. Perfect for curtaining.

DS Sablonceaux Hermine A OK 1

Above left: Royaumont is a light, fluid, supply and airy raw linen weave. Available in two colours: natural and ivoire. Above right: Sablonceaux is a supple honeycomb weave in rectangles, shaded in black, on a natural linen background, This 90% linen weave is similar to seeksucker used in fashion and is wrinkle-resistant. Suitable for upholstery, curtaining or cushions.

Above left: Solignac is a delicate and fine linen, similar to a sheer, it is not completely transparent and lets light pass through. Available in 2 colourways. Above right: Tonnerre is a chunky jacquard weave in two tones. This fabric is suitable for cushions and upholstery.

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