Friday Files – Back of House at Boyac

Friday Files – Back of House at Boyac


Meet David, Our Warehouse Manager

How long have you been at Boyac?

I started working for Boyac in 1996, for previous owner Humbert. I was away for a few years in between now and then running my own café.

What’s your day like as the Warehouse Manager?

 It all depends on what shipments are arriving, each day is different. It can get really busy when a lot of orders come in, I unpack everything and check all the details, check quality and everything is accurate to the orders, then carefully package and despatch it out to our clients. Other days I can spend a lot of time keeping the paperwork and records all up to date, everything is checked and filed so we can easily find the movements of any fabric anytime. We have a large library of cutting on hand in the warehouse so I am often organising these as well.


What’s your favourite product?

Tricky one, I really like velvets, like the Veraseta Silk Velvets, I think my favourite would be De Le Cuona Eskimo in Storm. I Like the Baumann range, a lot of interesting product there, also the colourful prints in Thibaut both wallpaper and fabrics.

Do you check every fabric?

We check 60-70% of the fabrics that come through, there are also particular fragile and delicate fabrics that I will always check. Our suppliers all have strict quality controls themselves and will usually alert us to any flaws or issues and we have a look at these.