Friday Files by: BOYAC – Creation Baumann Silver + Steel

Friday Files by: BOYAC – Creation Baumann Silver + Steel

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This week on Friday Files we profile an exciting and innovative product from Swiss textile company, Creation Baumann.

Silver + Steel is a range of fabrics that provide a razor-thin aluminium or steel layer on the back of the fabrics optimising insulation, glare and UV properties. Both solid and sheer fabrics are offered in this range, the sheers with a steel coating on the back and the solids with an aluminium backing.

For instance article Steel Plain, a plain sheer, reflects 18% of heat and reflects 46% of couch fading, eye squinting UV rays.

Compare that to article Shadow FR, a plain solid, which reflects 47% of heat and reflects up to 85% of UV rays! Making this exclusive product a must for those hot northerly windows in an Australian summer.

All fabrics in the Silver + Steel range come with an article data sheet specifying all test results and transmission, reflection and absorption figures for UV, Heat and Light.

In addition to being a highly practical and technologically advanced product there are some beautiful designs available. From embroidered stripes to colour gradations anything is possible with Creation Baumann.

To preview this range or to see anything else from Creation Baumann drop into our showroom or give us a call on (03) 9429 5455 to arrange an appointment.