Friday Files by: BOYAC – de Le Cuona “Stormy Serenity”

Friday Files by: BOYAC – de Le Cuona “Stormy Serenity”


Introducing the latest from de Le Cuona – “Stormy Serenity”, a contemporary twist on their favourite cashmeres, velvets, paisleys and linens. Launched in the de Le Cuona “pop-up showroom” at Paris Deco Off this particular collection has already gained a lot of media attention.

Bernie de Le Cuona works with the most skilled craftsmen and handpicked mills worldwide, continuously evolving de Le Cuona’s own brand linen collection, silk velvets, paisleys and cashmeres.

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”I travel the world finding the best techniques to bring these designs to life for my clients. Whether it be hand washing and drying in the sun, stone washing with pumice stones and golf balls, or embossing and hand embroidery, nothing is too much trouble in the search for the perfect finish.”

Stormy Serenity comprises of four new fabrics and the re-colouring of a de Le Cuona lover’s favourite, Buffalo linen.

I try to harness the skills of artisans, using very modern techniques at the same time, to produce something unique and special. I love the history of the past and try to find a way to marry that with the needs of today.

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To view the latest collection from de Le Cuona drop into your nearest BOYAC showroom or call (03) 9429 5455 and arrange to have a sales representative visit your office.