Friday Files by: BOYAC – Designer Discovery – Denai Kulcsar

Friday Files by: BOYAC – Designer Discovery – Denai Kulcsar


Designer Discovery

Who would you consider you biggest design inspirations?                

I have always loved Ralph Lauren and Victoria Hagan. Another inspiration that I love is to mix it up, and Kelly Wearstler for little bit of edge.


What has been your greatest challenge in getting to where you are in now in the design world?

The greatest challenge is getting to know people and people getting to know who you are, building your profile takes time. I have found that starting my own business you wear a lot of caps.


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Perks of the job?

I love my job. Love being around beautiful things, it doesn’t feel like a job.


If you could give one piece of advice to budding creative, what would it be?

Trust yourself – if you have a love for interiors you are halfway there.


When did you first decide this was the career path you wanted to take?

After a career in marketing and PR I fell into it accidently 16 years ago and have never looked back.


What is your greatest inspiration at the moment?

My greatest inspiration is my business partner Tanya Hancock she always gives me a fresh outlook. Also Travel always sparks new ideas.


Best moment of your career?

A couple of years ago I completed one of my projects in time for my client to come home with a new baby to a new home and new life, it was magical. In an industry like this there is nothing better than people appreciating all your hard work.


Plain or pattern?

Love a bit of pattern.