Friday Files by: BOYAC – Franck Lorton, Principal of Veraseta

Friday Files by: BOYAC – Franck Lorton, Principal of Veraseta

Friday Files

This Friday we are interviewing the Principal of Veraseta whilst he’s at the International Milan Furniture Fair 2013. Veraseta is a high-end French silk weaver and designer who produce exceptional fabrics for interior decoration and haute couture garments. For four generations Veraseta has woven these beautiful silks on traditional shuttle looms in the Lyon region of France.

We asked Franck Lorton, Principal of Veraseta, the following questions:


VerasetaWhy did you choose to exhibit at Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano 2013?

We chose to exhibit this year as I believe that this fair is the most important trend-setting fair in the entire Northern Hemisphere. This fair truly is an international draw card for designers, architects and people in design all over the world. So we see it as an opportunity to access new markets which we may not have access to through our regular distribution channels. We are lucky to be situated in the “Gruppo 42” which is an area in the fair dedicated to high-end bespoke products.


What is the main focus of your stand this year?

This year is especially important for us as we are launching two new fabric lines which we are extremely excited about.


VerasetaYou mentioned that you are trying to access new markets, who are they and why?

We are trying to break into the nouveau wealthy Russian and Chinese markets. This trade fair is seen as a fabulous way of doing so. These markets are currently not serviced by our brand as we don’t have distributors in these areas. Historically the majority of these markets weren’t interested or didn’t have the money to purchase our product. Now, however, there is a lot of new money and with the increase of international travel these clients are seeing beautiful things in Europe and want the same look at home. We see the Russian and Chinese markets becoming medium to large consumers of our product in comparison with our current clientele in the not too distant future.