Friday Files by: BOYAC – Woodstock and Vintage

Friday Files by: BOYAC – Woodstock and Vintage

Friday FilesThis week on Friday Files we are introducing Woodstock and Vintage, the latest creations by Antoine d’Albiousse.

Antoine d’Albiousse











Antoine d’Albiousse, formerly known as Destombes, is a classic French fabric house that has been producing beautiful collections of tapestries, silks and velvets since 1910. In 2007 Antoine d’Albiousse took over the company and has developed a new line based on much more contemporary and fabrics. The new collections are punctuated by gorgeous linens, cottons, and simple materials that are still elegant. The new release Woodstock and Vintage epitomise the new contemporary aesthetic that Antoine d’Albiousse is headed for as a brand.


Woodstock – This 100% linen fabric features a delicate cream paisley motif on a background available in 8 different colours, from saffron yellow to cornflower blue. Woodstock has the gorgeous natural texture of fine linen and can be used for drapery and wall coverings.

Vintage – Vintage is a 100% cotton fabric available in 19 beautiful colour ways.  It is woven in such a way that gives it a relaxed, stone washed texture and feel.  Vintage is suitable for use as drapery, upholstery and wall coverings.

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