Friday Files – Celebrating 100 Years of Bauhaus

Friday Files – Celebrating 100 Years of Bauhaus

To celebrate the centenary of the Bauhaus movement, we are looking at how some of our fabric houses have emanated the distinctive elements of this design movement. Still so influential today, this period broke boundaries and changed the design world forever.

About Bauhaus

Arguably the most influential modernist art school of the 20th century, this movement redefined artistic creativity and manufacturing, fine and applied art, and inspired some of the world’s most iconic designs.

The German art school was founded by Walter Gropius in 1919, but was forced to close its doors in 1933 under Nazi pressure. However, in these years the movement produced some of the best known Modernist artists and designers. Bridging the gap between design and art, this movement directed efforts towards designing for mass manufacture.

Creations Metaphores 2019 Collection


To celebrate this centenary, Creations Metaphores 2019 Collection attributed their inspiration to the designs of the Bauhaus movement. Above images show the BAUHAUS fabric from this collection.

Antoine D’Albiousse Sofia


The geometric pattern of this fabric echoes the similar motifs of the Bauhaus Movement. Inspired by the famous rounds fo Sonia Delaunay in the 30’s this 100% linen base gives great vibrancy to the colours of the print.

Anna French Cubism Fabric


From the new Savoy collection of Anna French, this print is influenced by the Art Deco movement that drew on the modern architecture and design of the Bauhaus. This striking print comes in 6 colourways and is printed on 100% linen.