Friday Files – Childhood Fabrics

Friday Files – Childhood Fabrics




Toiles de Mayenne Soraya fabric

Sensory and memory are fascinating concepts. As adults we have memories of particular smells or objects, patterns and colours from when we were children.
This week we wanted to focus our attention on particular fabrics and wallpapers that are timeless, calm and fitting for a child to be surrounded by.
When we think of children’s room and environments that a child grows up in, it must offer comfort, warmth, calmness, and last but not least the environment should offer a scene of simplicity as the child can grow and start to add and construct their own world to.
We have gathered together our favourite fabrics when we think of childhood.


You can never beat cashmere. For such a gentile fibre it is an incredibly strong fabric.


Moreover the comfort and warmth that it brings to you is golden.

The feather cashmere is like armour protecting you from the winter days and keeping you cosy on spring nights. Added either to the end of a bed or used as a beautiful throw around you and your bundle of beautifulness.



de la Couna feather cashmere, de la Couna illusion cashmere, Design Heure Library lamp.



Creation bauman pillows, Colony Melograno fabric, Colony Damier fabric, thiabou Bounty Matelasse fabric, Thibaut Birding Wallpsper, Declerq tassle , Design Heure Library lamp.

The combinations of new and old, introducing new patterns of wallpaper or perhaps contemporary patterned pillows paired with something sentimental, we have placed our treasured Declerque tassle in our collection. There is something so special and humbling when there are combinations from your childhood and introductions of something new for the new generation of your family.



Design heure Library lamp, de la Couna Weatherd web linen, de la Couna Hunter linen, Anna French Sheer Stripe linen.


Souveraine’s Talcy fabric

Thinking about a calm environment, especially for the early early morning and late late evening , it can sometimes be so over whelming that having the perfect fabric for your curtains can make all the difference. It could go either way in terms of fibre, 100% linen holds particular sensibilities that are calm and breathe while diffusing natural light so beautifully. Souveraine’s 100% Talcy check fabric is a really great option for curtain lining. To see other options we have Creation Baumann, who have fabrics that are completely fire retardant that hold properties of softness, beautiful colour ranges and sometimes super fun prints. It does come down to personal preference and what direction you are heading towards.



Creation Baumann Frida fabric.

Creation Baumann Freetime Mix fabrics, Creation Baumann Maxi fabri, Creation Baumann Mini fabric, Creation Baumann Enzo fabric, Creation Baumann three cushions, Design Heure Library lamp.

Following the Creation Baumann golden thread they really do colour so well.

Aspects of colour that are illuminations within a calm neutral environment are so fun and exciting without being overwhelming. Traditional patterns such as a check or stripe expressed in warm and vibrant colours layered creating contemporary check and stripe.

Last but not least, wool! Wool! wool! What an incredibly durable fibre.
Our top three picks are Creation Metaphores Love Me Tender wool fabric that comes in such energetic and grounded colours. Toiles De Mayenne have approached their woollen fabric from a very cool angle, it is double sided, one side with quite a vibrant tone and the other side with a pastel tone. Our third pick is Souveraine’s Chamonix woollen fabric which is full of simplicity and comes in a magnificent neutral colour range.

All in all the most magical thing that anyone can bring to a children’s room is love, there really is nothing that can top that. Sometimes it is beautiful to have new and old combinations that tell the stories of our family and frameworks.

Anna French Winfell Forest Wallpaper