Friday Files – Colour Psychology

Friday Files – Colour Psychology

During difficult times it is important to remember colour is more than a visual experience; it also plays a significant role in how we feel. Colour can be used to set the tone in each room of your home and have the ability to effect and change your mood. Reactions to colour can be subjective, but generally, certain colours produce different particular responses.



Green stimulates thoughts of balance, growth and restoration in colour psychology. It immediately brings the natural world to mind as it an incredible way to bring a refreshing sense of nature indoors


Red is one of the most enticing colours when it comes to rousing emotions. It is often coupled with sentiments such as passion, excitement, grandeur and energy.



It’s no surprise that yellow is associated with joy, optimism and energy in colour psychology. Whether it is mustard, lemon or baby yellow, the hue is always unmistakably vibrant and playful.

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