FRIDAY FILES – Creation Baumann New Glare & Heat Collection

FRIDAY FILES – Creation Baumann New Glare & Heat Collection

Glare & Heat protection: For the best view and well-being in the office and at home

Either in residential, commercial or office settings, controlling sunlight and temperature is important to create an atmosphere where everyone feels good.

Glare & Heat collection from Creation Baumann offers a wide range of effective and aesthetic fabrics for sun, glare and privacy protection. Highly functional, innovative textiles allow you to effectively regulate the incidence of light.

This year, the textile expert Creation Baumann revisited its GLARE & HEAT collection and presents 15 new innovative products to optimise indoor light. The large colour palette comprises more than 90 neutral hues – from white to silver by way of darker greys.


The innovative highlight of this year’s collection consists in the double-side fabric FACE. Eliane Ernst, product manager, explains, ‘this innovation has a complex structure’. The textile combines a white shiny weave on the outside and a printed dark one on the inside. ‘This way we create a lot of light reflection and high transmission without any metallisation.’ FACE comes in six elegant colours.

CLOUD, available in 5 shades, offers a cosier look fitting in any settings. Optimal for glare and heat protection, CLOUD keeps a natural aspect. The reverse side is metallised with aluminium to effectively reflect sun light.

Existing products have been optimised and new widths added to complete the new collection.


All GLARE & HEAT solutions are fire-retardant and fabrics tested for harmful substances carry the sustainability label OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. The light and solar values are checked in accordance with DIN EN procedures.

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