Friday Files – Discover Trove, a new BOYAC Supplier

Friday Files – Discover Trove, a new BOYAC Supplier







In this week’s Friday files we meet one of our new suppliers, Trove, from New York to discover the unique and contemporary aesthetic of their wallpaper creations.

Originally inspired by New York’s 100 year old flower markets, Trove’s products are bold yet subtle in pattern and often feature striking visuals that measure over 3 meters in height and 2 meters in width.

Trove wallpaper, founded by Jee Levin and Randall Buck takes on an edgy character and tends to push the dimensions of wallpaper in it’s organic and poetic collections where unconventional designs, colour palates and scale transform walls into a striking work of art.

Trove employs technology that challenges conventional manufacturing limits to create sustainable products that meet the demands of commercial usage. They won the ‘Good Design Award’ for 2015 and continue to manufacture their eco-friendly wallpaper with new collections inspired by a variety of sensory experiences and picturesque locations.

We look forward to sharing this product with all of you and hope you are as excited about Trove as we are.