FRIDAY FILES – Iksel New Collection – Scenic Decors Part 1

FRIDAY FILES – Iksel New Collection – Scenic Decors Part 1

Livia’s Garden, Livia’s Garden Ceiling & Roman Villa

The 2022 new collection is here. Each year we wait with anticipation for IKSEL’s new wallpaper designs. Over the next few weeks we will present the latest collection for 2022.

Iksel’s invites you to travel through time and cultures exploring their new creations. This  new journey composes of 9 new decors and additional colour options to existing designs from one of the most famous frescoes of the Roman Empire through to the delicate Art Deco style of the 1920s. Showcased below are three new stories in detail:

IKSEL – Livia’s Garden

For years it has been Mehmet & Dimonah’s dream to restore and repaint the wonderful fresco of Livia’s room at Palazzo Massimo alle Terme in Rome.

This is a highlight of the Roman fresco: a pretty scene of nature as well as a glimpse into the private experience of the garden in Latin culture. This was recreated entirely based on a detailed pictorial study and an understanding of Roman painting. The result is a new version of Livia’s Garden. Certainly, much more complete than the fragmented original.

Livia’s Garden is available in 4 standard colour options pictured above.

Livia’s Garden: the full decor is over 35 meters long in our H300 standard height.

IKSEL – Livia’s Garden Ceiling

Livia’s Garden assorted ceiling is a custom only design, it is available in 4 standard colour options pictured below:

IKSEL – Roman Villa

This decor was developed in the Pompeian style from cross-sections of famous villas of Pompeii which were drawn by archaeologists at the turn of the 20th Century. Apart from being highly decorative, they are also very accurate depictions of interiors and lifestyles in Ancient Rome. This design can also be used as a folding screen. 

The full decor. It is available in 5 standard sizes and loops.

For further information about these wallcoverings, or the entire IKSEL range please contact the BOYAC team.

Imagery and information credit: IKSEL – Mehmet & Dimonah Iksel.