FRIDAY FILES – Industry Experts – Paperwheels

FRIDAY FILES – Industry Experts – Paperwheels

Simon McGuire began his career in construction before falling in love with the world of interiors and specializing in wallpaper covering. For 17 years he has been servicing the interior design and modern architecture community with his knowledge and expertise in wallpaper coverings. Simon’s company Paperwheels specializes in high end wallpaper installation and has been for 17 years. Simon and his talented team service clients across the whole of Victoria.

Simon and his team are equipped to handle the most audacious wallpaper products you can imagine. Anything from standard wallpaper, to grasscloth and even luxurious horsehair.

According to Simon the four most important things for clients to consider when installing wallpaper are:

  1. The size of the print.
  2. The amount needed. Most clients underestimate the amount needed. Always err on the side of caution, the repercussion of ordering slightly over is far more manageable than trying to chase up for rolls from the same run and having extended lead times.
  3. Don’t use wallpaper to hide imperfections or an interior blemish. This is a common misconception. The walls must be a nice smooth surface before installation. If you are ever unsure, it is always best to ask.
  1. Use an expert! Wallpaper installation is a skill that takes years to master, therefore it is imperative that clients use a professional, especially when considering the value of the prestigious wallpaper.

For Victorian based clients who wish to find out more, contact Simon on 0411 502 042 or at

For wallpaper installers in other states, please contact the BOYAC team for our recommendations.