FRIDAY FILES – Introducing ‘The Golden Age’ By de Le Cuona

FRIDAY FILES – Introducing ‘The Golden Age’ By de Le Cuona

Above: Speakeasy heavy linen upholstery on sofa. Cushions in Bearcat, Örchestra, Old Hollywood, Hermitage, Speakeasy, Primitive and Cavalier.

Introducing the new and very glamorous de Le Cuona collection. The Golden Age is a collection that is elegantly reserved and bursting with luxury.

We love its understated opulence.

Embracing optimism, escapism and injecting a touch of drama, this new fabric collection takes its cue from the spirit of Chanel, where simplicity represents true elegance. Mix 1920’s exuberance with a finely crafted edit of lustrous linens, dressy silks, superfine merino and wool boucles.

The palette is luxurious; naturals are balanced with rich accents – the shimmer of silver and glow of gold give light reflective qualities to textured textiles.

Above left: Cushions in Primitive col garlic, Bearcat col jean, Öld Hollywood col crystal. Above right: Sofa in Bearcat col clara, Curtain in Orchestra col trombone, Cushion in Old Hollywood col silver.

Above: Smoking Jacket is a sophisticated silk jacquard that contrasts well with the heavy linens. Smoking Jacket col bone on left. Available in 6 colours.

Above: Clubhouse is a superfine merino wool woven in Scotland. Shown here in drapes on the left, it is a satin structure that is suitable for curtains and upholstery and a perfect example of tailored cloth luxury. Above left chair in Old Hollywood. This linen viscose composition has a soft, opulent lustre and is suitable for curtaining and upholstery.

Above: “Bearcat” named after the fiery, free-spirited flappers of the 1920s, is an eccentric take on a traditional wool bouclé. Jacquard woven in a combination of yarns, this speckled design exhibits de Le Cuona’s signature aesthetic: mixing the raw and unrefined with the elegant. Bearcat is fully reversible and will command attention in any room.

Above: Orchestra named after the defining jazz bands of the 1920s, Orchestra is a linen sheer delicately interwoven with vintage metallic threads. This double width cloth has a subtle non-directional design and drapes beautifully.

Above: “Coco” named after Coco Chanel who once said, ‘Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance’ and this cloth echoes that sentiment. Woven with virgin wool, Coco appears effortless and is exceptionally soft to the touch with the most sublime handle and drape.

Above: Boardwalk takes its name from the quintessential shoes of the 1920s and is a heavy yet tailored upholstery cloth that is both sophisticated and hardwearing. It’s woven using a unique artisan yarn that mixes wool and linen fibres to create a beautiful melange effect.

This exquisite collection is now available to view in all showrooms